mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

Giardino segreto

Ultimamente sembra che ci sia parecchia acqua nei miei dipinti...

Licenza Creative Commons

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Aramis ha detto...

How beautiful ! The colors, the little river and the church on background ! It's the kind of paint I love so much !
Wonderful !

MariaTeresaC. ha detto...

Thank you Aramis. The picture is leaving my studio next week and going to decorate the wall of a living room. I’m curious to see the face the client will make seeing the picture…I like to see the surprise people have , because they choose from a sketch that isn’t to defined and then…TA-DA! They always get a shock with the picture…and always say: I knew it would be nice, but I didn’t think it would be so nice.
It makes me feel so happy!
….mind you even when I get played makes me feel happy :D :D :D