domenica 21 novembre 2010

September’s exhibition

I tried out a different way of painting from my usual… Since the exhibitin was along the streets of the old part of town, during the evening and night ,we also had a few spot lights on the picture and no street lights on, I found a dark corner, stood in it and occasionally heard peoples comments( and bumped in a few friends) …

They look good for a cemetery
God, what has she done( extremely disappointed face)
Sad …(in equally sad tone)
This one looks like me…ha ha ha
Big…( flat and bored tone)
…would look horrible at home(snobbish bitch!)
I like the others best
Hey, hallo, hi, good evening, how’sitgowin’, where’r’pictures?( stoned friend)
These are yours?(politely asking)
These are yours?( surprised)
Ya what? These are yours? ( extremely surprised)
Oh, I see, so these are yours?! ( looking down on me)
Oh…I thought you painted flours….

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